Time to putter

Having met my goal to get 15 tops quilted, it’s time to relax and just putter around the sewing room doing whatever appeals at the time. I did get the last two quilts trimmed today and the bindings are on and ready for hand stitching so those will get finished up in a couple days.

I also sewed some leftover strips and strings into Rail Fence blocks – our challenge for May is Strings so I’m getting an early start. I really want to get some Strips and Strings Log Cabin blocks made too but right now, these just suit my need for completely mindless sewing!

I will also continue to work on sorting through these bins of leftover bits. I’d love to get through all of this before tucking it away again but we’ll see how long it takes for me to get tired of dealing with it.

I just got a box full of HeartStrings tops from Sue. There were a bunch of 24 block tops in there and I’m going to add a border to some of them to make them a little larger. The first one is done and I’ve pulled a border for another one. I need to get some backs made too. This one will get a cozy flannel back.

And this back is waiting to be pieced too.

Setting goals keeps me on track and helps me get things accomplished but sometimes it’s nice not to have an agenda and to just pick up anything I want.


  1. I love making a list of goals and have the joy of crossing them off! And it really does help with motivation.

  2. Goals work well for me also – I call it “being on a mission” but the privilege of doing whatever whenever- that’s the best. You’re making excellent progress.

  3. You’ve met a big goal, so rewarding yourself is appropriate. Some days a little puttering is just the answer.

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