#8 quilted

A big queen size top of my Aunt’s is quilted! It’s #8 quilted so far in July and the pantograph is Feather Flip.

I was quilting the last row when the weather alarms started going off and just had time to finish before the storms rolled in. We’re right in the middle of that dark orange!

When the tornado siren started going off we huddled downstairs in the hallway for a while but lucky for us other than the power going off for a little bit there were no other problems … although it sounds like there are a LOT of downed trees in the community and a number of roads are blocked.


  1. Glad you’re safe, tho Finn looks none too happy!
    Your aunt’s quilt is just beautiful! I love Log Cabins & hers is especially nice

  2. Glad you are safe and sound (I’m hoping!) and that you all had a safe place to go. Poor little Finn is so cute- even if he looks a bit concerned. The log cabin looks very much like one of my first quilts- I made it for my son when he moved into a “big boy bed”. Hard to believe he’s 28 now…..

  3. Little Finn is looking concerned. Good to know you and the house are safe but be weary of any trees on your walks – best wishes 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you are safe from the storms. The quilt is lovely, and the quilting is perfect for that pattern!

  5. Glad you are safe. My husband and I just got back from N.B., Canada on Saturday. We watched the weather the whole way. It was exhausting. About 3400 miles. We were happy to miss the tornadoes. Very glad you are okay.

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