Quilted and bound in the same day … not too bad! As I said earlier, this is one of the group HeartStrings tops sent by Sue for me to finish. I added the border to make it a bit larger … I’ve been looking at it all day and wondering if this border was a miss … I was trying to pick up the blue in the blocks … now that it’s finished I think it’s just fine … maybe not great but OK.


  1. The blue is perfect for this quilt – it picks up the blue flower colors in each of the blocks. Love it, and someone else will love it, too!

  2. The border sets off the heart strings and looks fine. We love to second guess ourselves. Great job.

  3. I think it looks pretty and cheerful…and if I’ve learned anything over the years…quilts are like pot lids….there’s someone out there who will love it, even if we don’t!

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