Challenge Quilt

Brenda gave us a challenge at the Maine sew-in … we chose one of 3 focus fabrics she provided and then were to add 2 coordinating fabrics and piece a top using whatever pattern we wanted.

I tie quilts when I’m at the sew-in so I had to wait until I got home to make my challenge quilt. After waffling about which two fabrics to use and what setting … I finally decided and pieced this today.

Edit: Darn!! I noticed an error in Row 6 right when I posted this but it’s fixed now! The photo has been updated.

I knew I’d want to have options so I’d picked up other coordinating fabrics at Marden’s. The ones not chosen will go into stash and be used eventually!


  1. Nothing like making something public for the final, elusive error to become glaringly obvious!

    I had to go back and reread the top section (I missed the edit the first time around), because try as I might I couldn’t find the wrong blocks Michelle pointed out.

    This always reminds me of a guild meeting in which one of the quilters shared her work during Show & Tell and smugly said, “I made ONE mistake. Can anyone find it?” Hand after hand was raised, each member finding entirely different mistakes than the “one” that was in there.

  2. Mary, I just discovered your website and signed up for updates. Thanks for the quilt patterns and keeping up to date.

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