Mom just finished a couple Quick Strippies and they turned out really cute…but then the Strippies always seem to turn out cute!

Today I cut and kitted 3 more for her … and cut some large novelty squares for her to make some more doll/bear quilts!

I also started knitting another hat and when Keith and Finn go to bed, I’ll crochet a while.


  1. What size strips do you strips do you cut and what size does the quilt end up? I think it would work great for my kids quilt for our sheriff department.

  2. You are absolutely correct- strippies always turn out cute- and your mom’s is no exception. I’ve pulled fabric for another one and it’s just sitting here waiting for me…:)

  3. There is something so satisfying about matching up the 3 fabrics for the Strippees and other 3 yard quilts, especially using those cute kid prints. Your mom’s 2 strippees are cute as ever.

  4. Your focus fabrics are so fun. I’m quilting a Strippie quilt too, and you are correct, they always turn out so cute. Thanks for sharing that pattern.

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