Memory Lane

We lived in the Tampa area twice so when we’re talking about our memories here we refer to Tampa 1 and Tampa 2.

Tampa 1 was a 3 year period from 1995-1998 and we lived in one of the suburbs outside of Tampa. Today we took a drive past our old house.

As we did the math we were both kind of shocked that it was almost 30 years ago!!

We have a lot of great memories from those 3 years!


  1. Wonderful photos, Mary. I should drag our our old photos. Your “old” house looks very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Terrific photos! Time is such a hard thing to grasp when looking back. College seems like “maybe”30 years ago, but that’s impossible unless I time warped a decade or two:)

  3. 30 years do go by way too fast! Fun pictures with those kids and you can see some family resemblance to their own kids now.

    I’ve done the same things when visiting places we’ve lived. The farm house my husband grew up in, that we lived in from 1978-88 is actually gone now – replaced with a new house by the young couple living there. The cute little house in Rock Rapids IA is gone too. The neighborhood in MPLS where I lived has changed dramatically but the house still looked the same last time we passed through.

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