10 quilted and 10 bound. It feels great to hit another goal. I know that many of you don’t like the added pressure of setting goals for your quilting but this is more than a hobby for me. I stopped working as an RN twenty years ago after one of our moves and I had to find a way to continue to be productive and make a difference. My donation quilting fills that need in me and I pretty much work full time at it. The goals help keep me on track for what I want to accomplish.

This is a remake of a quilt I made years ago in 2001 and I shared brief instructions on my website at this link: Red and Black Squares.

Another finish

Woven Bricks is bound! Just one more to do to meet my goal of 10 quilted by the end of March. After I’m done, I’ve got some prep work for our trip to Maine which is just a week away.

This is a remake of my Forest Bricks quilt and you can find some brief instructions on my website at this link. Scroll down to see the notes on this version.


I love this quilt so much that if I didn’t already have more quilts than I can use, I’d keep it for myself but since I do … it will be donated.

This is the 3rd time I’ve made this 16 patch and pinwheel quilt and it’s my favorite one of the three. First I made it with green scraps …

Then completely scrappy …

And now with browns and blues and even the background is scrappy. If I ever make it again, it will be with 2 colors plus a background like this one.

Brief instructions are available on my website at this link.


I did sew a little on National Quilting Day and the Cat Happy Block quilt is bound. You can find brief instructions for our HeartStrings Happy Block quilts on my website at this link. Scroll down the page to see the 3 fabric version like this one.

Hopefully I’ll get the 16 Patch and Pinwheels bound tomorrow and be caught up just in time to quilt a couple more next week.


The Map Happy Block quilt is bound. I’d planned to load and quilt a top today but I didn’t have a backing ready for the next two so after finding fabric and piecing those, I decided to get the binding on this one so I could sew it down tonight.

One reason I got a later start was the sunshine. After a return to winter on the weekend when we had temps below freezing and even a dusting of snow, the sun was out today and the temperature got up to 62 and after running out to pick up my mail and packages, I decided to do a quick 2 mile hike. We’ve enjoyed the winter weather but I think I’m ready for spring!

Better than a towel

Finn’s panel quilt is done. Not much to it … a purchased panel quilted and bound but it will be much nicer looking in my living room than the towel we use on the loveseat for Finn to sit on. It’s #4 of 10 I want to get quilted by the end of the month.


I got the binding done on my Owl Happy Block quilt tonight and it’s finished. This is #3 of the 10 I want quilted before the end of March and I’m in pretty good shape which is good because we have a few things going on that will take some time away from sewing AND we’re making 3 yard quilts for our monthly challenge. I want some piecing time along with hitting my quilting goal.

This is a simplified version of our HeartStrings Happy Blocks using just 3 fabrics and you can find brief instructions on the website at this link. Scroll down to see the quilt notes for this version.


I bound the Solid Plus quilt tonight. This was a Craftsy kit and while I don’t use a lot of solids, I like the graphic impact of them in this quilt. The squares are cut 5 inches so you could even use charm squares for this one … and I think I might have a set of 3 charm square packs. Usually there are at least 2 of each fabric in those so maybe one day I’ll make this one again. Of course, scraps would work too. It’s also a UFO finish for me.


This one caused some problems tonight. I went looking for the binding and it wasn’t there. Since it’s a UFO from Sept 2020 and pieced here at Big Canoe, I was sure I’d cut the binding (I do for almost all of my quilts unless it’s really scrappy and then I figure I’ll dig something out when the time comes). I looked in the binding bin and all over the shelves that were here before we moved full time and there was no binding to be found but luckily I was able to find something in the stash. There are brief instructions for this RWB Rail Fence and Friendship Star on my website at this link.

It’s not the best photo, taken at 2:30 am but I’ve gotten very lazy about taking my quilt photos outside since the move. Most of them are finished last at night and I’ve been laying them out on the floor in the downstairs sitting room. I should probably do better. I kind of miss the porch railing at the Tampa house – those photos almost always turned out really well. I’ve taken some here over the back deck railing but the lighting isn’t quite right out there either. I’m probably going to regret not having better photos of them one day.