I got the pink Happy Block quilt bound tonight. It was one of the HeartStrings group tops sent to me by AnnG to quilt and donate. I have instructions on the website for several different Happy Block quilts.

Today was one of those days I wasn’t sure I was going to accomplish anything … and by accomplish I mean finish! I spent over two hours in the “bin room” trying to straighten and organize some of the fabric and yarn bins. I pulled fabric for two bindings, trimmed two quilts, got the one above bound and hand stitched down, and made a backing for the last top for my quilting marathon (to be quilted tomorrow although I did not get it loaded on the longarm yet). I also got some knitting done on the current hat during the Lightning game – which we won in a shoot out! Go Bolts!


The Unicorn Stepping Stones quilt is bound. It’s based on a 3 yard pattern from Fabric Cafe although I always make sure I have extra fabric for my quilts whether to add rows, change the border, or to use a double fold binding. So let’s call mine 3 PLUS yard quilts.


I kind of wanted to sit and knit tonight but after a couple days of being lazy I decided it was time to make some progress. I pieced a backing and loaded the next top to be quilted on the longarm and I got the binding sewn on and hand stitched down on the 16 patch quilt.

While there’s nothing difficult about piecing a 16 patch quilt, I like this variation because it’s easy to use fat quarters and with the larger blocks, it goes quickly. 

I found a free pattern online for this quilt several years ago but that blog is no longer active. After a lot of searching, I found an archived link but I have no idea how long it will be active so if you are interested, make sure you save a copy for yourself.

St Louis 16 Patch –

The backing is a flannel fish print – doesn’t it look good? I love finding the perfect backing in my stash.


I finished hand stitching the binding down on my Windmill quilt tonight. I love these colors! This is a super easy Jelly Roll quilt and I have some brief instructions on the website.

It’s also a UFO finish for me – #7 for the year. I like to get at least 12 done each year but my numbers were pretty low for 2021 and there are a number of quilts that are “waiting their time” to be quilted so I’m not worried about the lower number. I do hope to keep my UFO number to 20 or lower for 2022 but we’ll see how strong I finish out this year. There have been a lot of new starts!


Another one of the group HeartStrings top sent to me by Sue to quilt and donate is finished. The binding stitch on and hand sewn down tonight. That just leaves one quilt waiting for binding which is good because I plan to get another top loaded and quilted later today.


And one more for tonight. This doll quilt is from leftovers from my scrappy hourglass quilt made earlier this year before the move. I’ve just got one more doll quilt pieced that is waiting for quilting and that one will be hand quilted – it’s just simple squares and I’ll cross hatch it with big stitch hand quilting … eventually. I don’t know if it will make November’s list or not.

I’ve got a few of these waiting for donating (possibly gifting) but that doesn’t worry me. Either I’ll hear of a group asking for donations of doll quilts or I’ll buy some dolls and stuffed animals eventually and donate them myself. They don’t take up much room for now.


Tonight I hand stitched the binding down on this group HeartStrings quilt sent to me by Sue to quilt and donate and now it’s finished.

I’ve got the binding on and ready for hand stitching on the little doll quilt and I’ll get that done tonight too before starting another hat. I’ve still got two others to bind but that will have to wait until Sunday. Adam and the kids are going to come visit and stay Friday and Saturday night. Adam’s been working a lot of hours and it’s been a while since we’ve seen them so I’m looking forward to their visit.