Meeting goals

You all know by now that I always have a list of goals either written or just in my head of what I want to accomplish in any given timeframe. It’s what keeps me on track. The goal for tying quilts this month is to tie and bind 12 quilts … while leaving plenty of time for walking, knitting, exploring. My Mom and brother are coming on Friday for a short visit from Virginia so I had a goal of tying and binding as many of the 12 quilts before they got here. Nine are tied, seven are bound and the last two are in the process of being bound so I’m happy with my progress. I’ll just have 3 more to finish up after Mom’s visit and that will leave me plenty of free time too.

There were two finished yesterday and I’ll finish the 8th binding tonight and get started on the 9th. Tomorrow in addition to finishing that binding, I’ll do laundry, straighten up, and pick up a few groceries … where is Keith when I need him? I hate going to the grocery store!

Finn and I saved our long walk today for sunset … it was beautiful on the beach.


Playing hooky

Checked off today’s agenda – get up, take a long walk with Finn, make binding and machine stitch it on two quilts, run off to the Lobster Shack for lunch, sit on the rocks at Two Lights and read!


Back at the cottage, Finn and I went for another walk and now I’m ready to hand stitch the two bindings that I prepped this morning.

Whenever I’m in Maine tying quilts I always get comments from people who don’t like tied quilts. I get that, quilting looks neater than tying but have you ever cuddled up under a tied quilt?! They are very cozy and these are especially so because they have the Cuddle backing.  We’re able to finish and donate more quilts during the sew-in when I tie these ….  this is 3rd time we’ve spent the month of October in Maine and the timing is good coming right after the September sew-in as there are always lots of tops to be tied and finished so they can be donated.

Three more Happy Block quilts were finished yesterday.

Miles of binding

It feels like I’m making miles of binding …. finished last night, these two are bound.

Before starting work this morning, we took a long walk, along the beach and explored Fort Preble


Finn’s been resting since we got home and I made binding for 3 Happy Block quilts and got it machine stitched on and am sitting here listening to my audiobook while I stitch them down.


The Rainbow HeartStrings quilt was bound and labeled a few days ago but this was the first chance I had to photograph it. Pantograph is Steam and it’s UFO #17 finished this year!


An unexpected overnight visit to the other FL coast leaves me behind but I did get started on my packing for Maine – lots of sewing stuff, quilts, Finn’s food, meds, clothing, crate … our clothing, knitting stuff, a sewing machine and a tying table … the car will be packed to the gills! Just two more days to get it all together!


This Twisted Pinwheel doll quilt was finished the other night. One more marked off my list! It was made from some leftover blocks I found while unpacking stuff from Big Canoe and I think it would make a cute quilt so I’ll add it to my list.



Two tops have been bound …

The first Happy Block top, backed with Cuddle donated to HeartStrings by Shannon Fabrics. It’s my 15th UFO finish for the year so even though I feel like I’m working more slowly this year I’m making good progress.


And the Chinese Coins Doll quilt.