More progress

Mom finished binding the Turtles the other night … it turned out so cute! As I said, it’s from the 2nd Animal Parade book.

I can’t show you the two runners we got put together today because they’re Christmas presents.. all the appliqué is fused and ready for her to stitch down when she gets home. I also got the HST diamond quilt trimmed and the binding on and ready for Mom to stitch down – she won’t get it done tonight because Keith has decided it’s game night!


This Arrow quilt was my HST quilt from our precut challenge that I pieced earlier this year. It was quilted with the pantograph Apex.

Mom and I had a nice evening yesterday sitting in the library binding our quilts. (Keith is gone for a few days. )


I got the third binding done last night … just one more left to do when I get home from VA. I love how this little dinosaur quilt turned out and with a Minkee back, it’s nice and cuddly.

I had a lot of questions about the pattern of this one – it’s one of those 5 yard fabric bundles and I was able to choose a free pattern to go with it. I think this pattern suited the fabric very well!

I posted a photo of the full top and a link to a free pattern that is very similar to the one I used when I finished assembling it – So click here to view it.

I’ve been VERY stressed running around trying to get everything done between getting home from Maine last week and heading out tomorrow and thought we’d just grab something quick to eat after dropping Finn off for boarding but Keith had a different plan…. I always love dinner by the water!


I have two quick Strippies bound and I’m starting to stitch the binding on the dinosaur quilt today.

First, the shark Strippie is a UFO from last year and my 14th finished UFO for the year.

And here’s a close up because those sharks are just too cute!

The little zoo animal Strippie is finished too. If I can get myself organized, I could get these washed and a bag of small quilts and afghans ready to send back with Chris to donate in a couple weeks but I’ve also got quilts to wash and ship to Kathy and another trip this week so we’ll see how it goes.

By the numbers

5 quilts tied, 1 lobster roll eaten – expect those numbers to climb over the new few days!

As usual, Bev has my tying table all set up and ready with a LARGE roll of batting! My binding buddy Rebecca, didn’t make the sew-in this year and I’m missing her but Brenda and Jackie are going to fill in and bind the quilts that I tie. Brenda took the first day and Jackie is on binding duty tomorrow.

We work long hours but time out was taken for dinner … a lobster roll sitting by the water … it doesn’t get better than this!


I love brown, I love this quilt! It’s easy to make quilts to donate for kids and women and I try to make some guy quilts along way but honestly, even though this may look like a guy quilt, it’s just my style. Maybe we get too wrapped up in what makes a girl or boy quilt!

This is my 13th UFO finish for the year. Pantograph is Fern Gully and you can find brief instructions for this Easy Flock of Geese quilt on my website at this link.

After I finished stitching down the binding on this one, I started assembling the HST Diamond top. You know me, I’ll drag it out for several days but I wanted to show you how much fabric is left from my bundle of 20 fat quarters. Shocking isn’t it?! The fat quarters on the right haven’t been touched and the other ones are the partial fat quarters left over. There’s another quilt here!