Playing with strips and strings

These may not look like much now but I loved the log cabin quilt I pieced from my strips and string bins and my strings are completely out of control. PLUS I love making log cabin blocks and there’s no cutting – I just start piecing blocks. (Make sure you click the link above or you won’t know how cute this is going to be).

Before getting started, I had to finish assembling these two sections of the RWB quilt. I still need to make the two blue sections but I’m taking a time out for this top first.

I don’t want to shock you, but playing in my strings is MESSY! (not this mess)

This one! That huge pile of strings on the floor haven’t been sorted into color groups yet so I’m pulling most of the strips from there.

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16 thoughts on “Playing with strips and strings

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE this quilt … the log cabin block is my most favorite of all quilt blocks. Have you ever seen where they “slice” the log cabin blocks in half and turn and resew together … a very unusual effect. Have a number of books dedicated to the log cabin block. They are particular effective if you make one side of the block a dramatic color (e.g., black) and the other side is all scrappy … when you put it together it creates a secondary pattern. Now you’ve got me “itching” to start one of these! LOL

  2. Becky

    Wow, Mary, where do all your scraps come from? Since HeartStrings started it seems you haven’t pieced many quilts for yourself. Do you cut up yardage? Fat quarters? By the way, I love all your creations.

  3. Scrappy-Quilter

    I love your blog and your projects are wonderful. Love your new project. That is one I have wanted to do for awhile now. I have a ton of strips all cut and waiting to be pieced. One day…..

  4. Amy

    wow , sorta looks like my mess.. one good thing is something beautiful will come from them.. can’t wait to see the finished.,Amy

  5. Nancy

    I like Log Cabin quilts, and this one is going to be wonderful

    Everyone knows that creativity is a messy, but only the adventurous experience it.

  6. Quilting4U

    What a stash! That should give you a really good start! I was noticing your sewing machine, is it an Elna! I have a model 6003 Quilter’s Dream and also just bought a 7300 Quilting Pro! Great minds think alike! I LOVE my Elna. When I upgrade, I decided to keep both. Good idea, because I broke my new one and am sewing with the old one now! I broke my new one in the midst of a really blonde moment!I only had about 4 hours sewing time on it before I broke it! I put one hand on my extended table and the other on the machine and tried to move it over,pushing with the lighter side.Duh, it popped up and hit the shank and broke it in half at the screw.The repair guy said he had never seen that happen, well, he has now! You gotta laugh!Operator malfunction!It took a few days before I would tell anyone what I did!

  7. Clare

    Playing with strings is really messy, but isn’t it great! I feel so industrious when I’ve got all the bins out and am having fun.

  8. ♪♪Melody♪♪ and Puddin

    My question is pretty much the same as the previous one. I have been cutting a lot of strings into 2.5″. But I suppose I should start some that are different widths. I love your posts and you keep me busy trying to keep up. 🙂

  9. Marilyn


    I really love the log cabin too but, have
    only made one. I am very lazy when it
    comes to cutting my strings. Do you just
    use different size strings and square up
    your blocks ? Now you have me wanting
    to start another log cabin.

    Be sure to let us know how you like your
    new toy when it gets here. That would be
    great to have but, I ordered a new
    machine and can’t wait for it to arrive
    tomorrow . I got a Juki which are supposed
    to be great for quilting since they have a
    large throat space at least that’s what I
    have read.


  10. Anonymous

    Mary I have the same question as Marilyn, about how you construct a block. Could you give us a little tutorial? I have been saving strips for a long time in anticipation of doing a log cabin but have not gotten around to it yet. I guess I am torn between some methods of constructing a block and looking for the easiest way! I love all your quilts…
    Beryl in Utah

  11. Susan D

    YOU WIN! That’s the most strips that I’ve seen anyone have. Wow-ie! Just fantastic. I love it!

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