a test block

Being adaptable is important when you’re working from stash. Originally my design was to have the pink as block 1 but if I use the red pinwheel centers, the pink needs to be block 2. A quick rearranging of one of the block on the design wall, add some red centers…and it looks pretty good I think.

Vicki has offered to send me some pink so I think I’ll just keep making the half square triangles (I need 480 of them) and hold off on any final decisions until I see how her pinks look with mine.

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5 thoughts on “a test block

  1. Julie

    The red sure makes it a special block. I wouldn’t have thought to put red in there either but it sure works.

  2. Evelyn aka Starfishy

    The fun thing about scrap quilts is the unexpected surprises that develop as you try to use what is on hand – it looks like a nice test block! Cheers! Evelyn

  3. szkornelia

    These are very nice pinks, I like them a lot. Also that deep red is cool in the center.

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