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These three made the cut and came home from B&N. You can probably guess by now that the Quilt it for Kids is for Mom!

An outing

What could be more perfect than an iced latte and a stack of books and
magazines to browse through?

I wonder how many will go home with me?

Baby Quilts

Mom has made several quilts from this magazine that have been really cute ….including the trains and the rabbits posted yesterday and the baby carriage quilt that Mom has pinned and ready to quilt (sitting beside the stack of quilts from yesterday morning).
Back issues are available at the Fons & Porter site.

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Mom’s quilts (as requested)

Not all of these were donated today but I went into Mom’s computer for photos of some of her recent quilts. She really makes cute quilts and as I told BJ, I claim credit for getting Mom interested and teaching her to quilt!

You’ll notice that she likes applique a lot more than I do and on these small quilts she pieces and quilts them herself on her Bernina. Her larger tops are sent to me for quilting although Deb does an occasional one for her too.


Mom and I are heading out to IHOP for breakfast and then over to Catholic Charities to take some quilts. I brought a couple with me to donate but Mom’s been really busy!

Did I mention

that one of the reasons for this trip was a dinner with friends from high school. I hate to actually call it a 30 year reunion because it makes me sound old but I had a great time seeing friends I hadn’t seen in years.

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I tend to do things in a certain way with my quilting but I’m usually open to learning (hence all the books). For years I always used steam to press but in the last 6-8 months I’ve been using a dry iron and am surprised how much better I like it.
During the piecing of the block I only press with the dry iron but once the block is finished, I give it a spritz of Mary Ellen’s Best Press and press.

Another tip I learned a couple years after I’d gotten my longarm was that I didn’t need to press my backs before loading them on the longarm. A little spritz of water after the back is loaded gets even the most stubborn wrinkles out.

So what tips for quilting do YOU have to share?


I travel enough that I usually take delays and canceled flights in

I'm now heading to Norfolk via Detroit and my brother insists on
driving over to Norfolk to pick me up even though I'm getting in after
11pm. He's such a good brother!


Hoping I don't miss my Atlanta connection! Too bad I didn't get
upgraded this flight like we did on the ones last week.

Which would you pick?

I was talking to Adam the other night and he mentioned again that he’d really like a quilt for his girlfriend so I told him I’d send an email with several tops that I already had pieced and they could choose one for me to finish for Lindsey.
So these were the 5 choices I sent ….. which one would you have chosen?
(Photos will enlarge if you click on them)

They surprised me by choosing the Hearts and Strings top inspired by this quilt by Sandy Bonsib so it’s on the design wall for me to measure and pick out a backing. Although I haven’t made any promises, the goal is to quilt it when I get back from this next trip and take it when we see them the last week of July.