String Quilts

Two different conversation threads led to this post. One on Quiltmaker Magazines and the second, a discussion of string quilts on Stashbusters.

I’d made two string quilts from a pattern in a previous issue of Quiltmaker’s All Time Favorites and the current issue just out on the newstand also has a string quilt layout that I like.

The color combination for this first string quilt came about because I had a lot of blue and yellow strips leftover from a nine patch quilt. The second combination came from an article I’d read in a magazine showing an art quilt made with fabrics from half of the color wheel. They’d used the warm side (reds, oranges, etc) but I choose to use the cool side.

I prefer the quilt with the second combination of colors.

I’m due to make another string quilt but I’ll wait a couple months and try to focus on my UFO’s before starting something new.


  1. Oh fun!! I love the string quilts! I know how you feel about working with yarn too….when fingers are too sore to quilt, I crochet! I’ve got an afgan going that is going to be couch sized for a cover up. I think quilting is faster..*LOL*Bonnie

  2. I have never tried a string quilt, yet again I have not tried a lot of different patterns. LOL! Though, once I have more of a stash built up, I would certainly like to give this a try! Such beautiful colors!

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