What I’m reading

On the RunIris Johansen

This Mystery/romance story was an entertaining and easy read.

Laura: America’s First Lady, First Mother Antonia Felix

Another $0.99 bargain book – not a hard hitting biography but mildly interesting. I hadn’t realized that she had been involved in an accident at 17, running a stop sign and killing the 17 year old driver of the other car. It’s hard to imagine having to live with that.

I think one my worst fears when my sons were new drivers was that they’d injure or kill – not themselves – but someone else.


  1. That is one of the reasons why the Bush’s are “dry”, “tee-totalers”, basically don’t drink…..We are having a Dry wedding reception, but we are not tee-totalers…. (It will be a noon wedding, noone needs to drink during lunch especailly with 90% of them driving afterwards & 80% not needing the “courage” to act or to talk foolishly….) Sorry, I have had to explain that a few times….

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