Another UFO

This is the last log cabin I’m doing this year! Well, at least for six months.

I went looking for another UFO to work on today and pulled these blocks out. Just a simple baby quilt. I needed to make just 5 more blocks and yet this project sat in a basket for almost 2 years.

Now that this top is finished I’m going to have to work on piecing some backs and doing some quilting. I ordered some new pantographs that I want to try out.


  1. OK . . tell us how many log cabins you have made! That baby quilt is so cute. I never think of doing little logs or a baby quilt.What pantos did you order?Judy

  2. This is the 4th one since November – I don’t have a count over the last 5 years but it seems to be a commonly used pattern in my quilting.Pantographs I just bought – all patterns.RhapsodyFay FeathersFrisky FeathersEbb and FlowI’m going to use Fay Feathers on this quilt.

  3. AHHH 30’s and muslin – what isn’t to like about that? (I gave away the rest of my 30’s scraps minus the Novelty ones…) But I still like to look at them, just not do them. (please remind me when I decide to do another 30’s quilt…)I don’t always remember what I like and what I don’t really care for….:o)

  4. Ohhh, I like this a lot! I have 30’s fabrics and have been holding for just the right thing to use them for and I think this is it! Pretty!

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