New floors for the bathrooms

I had to be up at 6:30AM this morning (very early for me) because I had someone coming to install new flooring in my bathrooms at the condo. Right now all three bathrooms have old carpet on the floors – yuck!

Usually I like ceramic tile in bathrooms and kitchens but decided to go with a vinyl flooring that could go over the existing vinyl that is under the carpet. I didn’t want to get into a major deal – just get something simple and clean on the floors. Next week all the old carpet will be replaced.

Here are before pictures of the 2 upstairs bathroom floors – the downstairs has the ugly pink carpet too.


  1. 3 bathrooms (in your condo!) wow! In my mind, a weekend condo has two or three bedrooms with 1 maybe 2 bathrooms… I should get out of my mind a bit more!

  2. That’ll be nice. Carpet in a bathroom or a kitchen just doesn’t seem to be the best choice. Too much messy stuff going on in those rooms for carpeting! 🙂 You’ll enjoy the new flooring.

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