1. O Mary, I am sending you a Mother’s day hug!! I had a friend-a therapist. who said that the sign of a good parent is early retirement! My son is still away at school and he is not attuned to things like holidays and birthdays, but he is a great kid and I am proud of him for being a good man!I am wishing you a happy mother’s day!

  2. Happy Mothers Day, Mary. I feel your pain. Although my son is here(he still lives at home), my daughter and her husband won’t make it down today so I won’t get to see them. I don’t get to see my mom, either. She is 800 miles away. I hope you have something fun planned for yourself today!

  3. I miss my kids, too! I *might* (fingers crossed) get to give my oldest DS a hug on Thursday at BWI airport… he’s headed overseas (Army). and my DS #2 is coming back from Iraq (also Army) later this week. He’ll be home on leave June 10th! DD #1 is in CA, but she and her DH will be back on the East coast before the end of the year, so there’s lots to look forward to! They and DD #2 are all terrific young adults and I’m proud to be their Mom!

  4. I just wrote a post on how my mother’s day has changed through the years. I thought about that a lot today, including when my boys will all be grown and gone. It made me appreciate this time with them all the more.Remember mom, even if they are not with you, you are in their hearts always.

  5. I hope the boys at least called and/or sent cards and flowers. Maybe Keith did something to make the day special for you. I told my mom that I didn’t bring a card but brought ME instead since I was back in IL visiting. We were never much for present giving around our house–not with 6 of us kids on a minister’s salary. Hope you are feeling better about things.

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