The Wedding Quilt

I’m visiting my Mom in Virginia and we’ve been working on Chris’ wedding quilt between going to her doctor’s appointments. We finished the top tonight but I’m not going to post a picture because Chris reads my blog!

Here’s a picture of Mom pinning the blocks for me to sew.


  1. I like the quilt over the back of the lounge! How long until the wedding? I look forward to it, so we can see the quilt! Jodie

  2. How cool that your mom (and if I remember right, all your sisters!) quilts…must be fun to share that with family as well as friends. Your mom looks like a very nice person!

  3. I know you are having a great time sewing with your mom–I always do.We could guess about the quilt block based on what we see but no one wants to ruin the surprise for Chris and his bride. Good colors from what I see your mom’s lap!

  4. It is always so sweet when people get together to make a quilt, and also super that you document it with photos. The red and white will make a pretty quilt. The quilt on the back of the couch is also very pretty.

  5. I envy you the opportunity to dosomething like that with your mum – I get on very well with mine but she’s a knitter and not at all a stitcher, so far my two girls haven’t shown that much inclination to join in either so I may not get to do it with a generation down either – shame

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