I’m back in Virginia/What I’m reading

I flew back to Mom’s on Saturday and for the last few days I’ve visited with Mom and my sister.

Ann has been working on a wall-hanging that she wasn’t completely happy with so we looked through Mom’s books and found some additional applique to add to it. She finished the wall-hanging before she left for home today and seemed to be happy with it now.

Mom has cataract surgery tomorrow so we’ll be up and out of the house early. When we get back I hope to get to work on another UFO I brought with me.

The latest books I’ve read:

Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
Break No Bones: A Temperance Brennan Novel by Kathy Reichs
Vanishing Point by Marcia Muller

I liked the novels by Reichs and Muller and I was disappointed in the Nora Roberts one. I don’t expect a lot from Nora Roberts – usually just an light entertaining read but this one was just OK.


  1. Good luck to your Mom. I’m sure it’ll go well.Now you’ve given me another author to go for: Marcia Muller.I’m reading Angels Fall right now. It is dragging, but I’m not giving up. Bought Reichs’ first book, and I’ll try to read them in sequence.

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