Folding Quilts

There is a great article in the December edition of Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine on folding quilts to eliminate the center creases. If you have the magazine – check out the article on page 44.

It’s hard to explain without pictures but the quilt is folded on the bias and the picture shows 4 folds which when completed leave the quilt nicely packaged and the author states less likely to crease.

It’s a timely article for me as many of my quilts that are now on beds or hanging over railings will have to be folded not just for moving but to be stored as I am downsizing significantly.


  1. I think the most valuable advice I got about storing quilts is to just NOT leave them folded in any one pattern for a set amount of time. Or hang them from the same edge all the time, if possible by the design, rotate the quilt and hang by another edge. There’s the fold-ers, the roll-ers and the corners-in to touch then roll or fold… guess you could try each method for 6 months or so. 🙂

  2. My quilts are stored stacked on the spare bed ‘Princess and the Pea’ style. I do take them all off during company-season. I saw that article and wanted to try folding a quilt or two like that.

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