Am I ready for a REAL winter?

Patti wrote and asked me if I was prepared for the drastic change in climate that will come with my move to Minneapolis. I was cruising blogs the afternoon after my lovely hike with temps in the high 60’s when I came across this entry from May Britt

and this one from Rebecca
I don’t think that I can even image how cold it will get in Minnesota!

4 thoughts on “Am I ready for a REAL winter?

  1. patti

    mary, fortunately you can stock the freezer and the pantry. as long as you have heat, you’ll be fine. but it will be a big change and you’ll be moving in the middle of winter. if you can walk 60 miles for breast cancer, you can weather the winter in minnesota.hugs,patti in


  2. you will adjust as everyone says…it’s a chance to learn snowshoeing, skiing and just being inside all snuggly and quilting! It is a good idea to stock up however as blizzards are no fun to get around in.


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