A nice long walk

We took a 10 mile walk today along the Mississippi to try and work off some of the Thanksgiving dinner we ate yesterday. The weather was nice – cool but not too cold. It’s been nice to walk everywhere rather than get in the car every time we want to go somewhere.

I worked some on my Cathedral Windows quilt and decided it’s going to be a table topper. I pulled it out this year in January after not working on it for two years and it set there most of this year too. I finished up the last few blocks and am in the process of sewing the last row together.

When I originally started this quilt I intended to make a topper for a bed but knowing I might get tired of it, I would work a row on the top half and then one on the bottom half. Now having finished the last row I just have to join the two halves together and it will be one more UFO off my list.


  1. Good planning, Mary. You knew that this UFO might not get done if kept at the original plan and re-sized it. No more UFO once the halves are joined and you still have something of a usable size for your efforts. A lesson we all might consider–they don’t all have to be full sized bed quilts even if we thought that’s what we wanted at first.

  2. 10 miles? I think that’s illegal! 🙂I love the Cathedral Window you’re working on and can’t wait to see it finished. It will be a beautiful table topper and . . it will be finished!!Judy L.

  3. Congratulations on getting it to this point! Did you do the method where it’s all done by hand? I did that in a quilt class years and years ago – 1975 to be exact. We did everything by hand – the instructor said that was the only “true” way. I did my sample for learning the technique – a total of 4 “windows” – and decided that was more than enough for me!How nice that the weather allowed you to get out to walk. Finally today our rain has let up for awhile.

  4. Isn’t it fabulous that re-purposing that project means you can take another UFO off the list! I am sure it will be a wonderful table topper!

  5. that was great planning knowing that you may not make quilt the original size you intended. I hope you will get it finished to become a table topper. Would love to see a photo when it’s completed.Nice to hear that you are able to do a good amount of walking rather than take a car each time.

  6. It sounds like you’re getting excited about the move. The ability to walk more is great!Question about a bed topper you mentioned. What would be the dimensions of that? I have several quilts that are fifty something square that I have no idea how to use, but I was thinking maybe diagonally on top of a white wholecloth on the beds. (Hugs)

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