Setting traps!
After living here for 4 years, this past spring we had mice in this house for the first time – 3 of them! The whole ordeal of trapping them and then disposing of them fell to Keith because I was really freaked out. Somehow they get in the drop ceiling of my first floor and as I’m working in my Studio and I can hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.

Well just my luck now that Keith has already moved to Minneapolis, I heard the pitter patter again last night. After a sleepless night trying to figure out how I would avoid having to deal with this the solution came to me.

Chris will be in town Tues – Thurs for a training class so I decided I could set the traps – it was just checking them and getting rid of the sprung trap with the mouse I couldn’t do. So I set two traps this afternoon in the ceiling and will have him check them Tuesday. If that doesn’t do the trick then I’ll reset them a couple days before Keith comes home on the 20th to help me make the final move and have him check and dispose!

What a pain for this to happen now!


  1. We often get mice in our house in the fall and I hate them. I too have trouble emptying the traps but I can do it if I have to. Meggie at Life’s Free Treats has a great mouse story. She grabbed them and put them in a quart jar and took them outside! Her husband was cowering in the bed. Lol. Sorry I don’t know how to add a link to her site in a comment.

  2. eeewwwwww! You know, if I HAD to I would deal with it but I am with you…gotta leave those traps up there for a while to catch those eewwwwy things and then let Chris deal with it. After all, he doesn’t want them living in his new house does he??? EEEEWWWW!

  3. I to had to deal with a mouse. It actually ran across the floor. DH nearly had a heart attack. Luckily for him, he left the next day on business. The bug guy came and set the trap but guess who was in charge of disposal….. I found it in the morning but just coldn’t deal with it. I had to wait until I came home from work. The whole time I was saying, “I’m sorry mousey…If you just stayed outside this wouldn’t have to happen.” like a nutso! I’m still shuddering. YUK!

  4. I’d buy those cheap traps and just do what my mom did, throw mousie and trap away both lolBut that’s the benefit of having cats, no mousies here!

  5. Hi, Mary,Wish I was nearer to you…I just happen to have SEVEN CATS you could borrow…that would take care of the problems, I guarantee you!

  6. bummer – our daughter and her roommates had to deal with mice ealier this fall – hope your hubby is around to deal with themjuliann

  7. Just makes sure you don’t leave the dead mouse in that trap too long! The smell will be worse that the pitter patter of little feet in the ceiling!

  8. we very seldom get mice but when we do i leave it up to my husband to set the trap and dispose of the mouse. I refuse to touch it.By the way, your Cathedral Windows quilt looks lovely. Glad you were able to finish it.

  9. Murphy’s law I guess – I wonder where they are coming from? Your solution sounds like a good on.By the way I really like the new picture. But then I liked the old one also.

  10. love the cathedral window topper…such wonderful colors…hope you don’t have to deal with the traps more than once!good luck with your final push to pack and leave.

  11. I figured out the solution when I was a recent divorcee…You put the loaded mousetrap inside a brown lunch sack up in the ceiling. Once the bait is taken, the mouse is inside the bag. Nothing to touch or barely look at…and the traps are cheap enough to throw away.

  12. Mice! Ugh! We had them all the time when we lived in the country. Nothing creepier than hearing mice scampering in the walls and ceiling. Except bats.

  13. Ughh! Years ago I had a mouse in a trap and I tried every think I could think of (including a shovel) to get the trap out and I kept getting sick. Finally the UPS man showed up and I talked him into removing the trap from inside my kitchen cabinet! I know how you feel!Judy L.

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