Progress is being made!

Our furniture arrived from GA yesterday and we’ve been very busy the last couple days. Today we had to have everything out of the temporary apartment, clean it, and turn the keys in by 12PM. I’m glad to be down to one place here in MN especially since we still have both the house and the condo in GA. No offers on the condo yet and Chris won’t move into the house until the end of January so still plenty to worry about there.

The bedroom I’d planned to use as my studio is smaller than indicated on the floor plan so I’m having to modify my plans. Luckily there’s a small den so I’ve set up my sewing machine, cutting table, iron, and computer desk in the den and will have my fabric storage, books, supplies and longarm in the bedroom.

I found a great shelving unit at Ikea and bought two of them. They take up the entire wall of the bedroom and I’m putting my quilting books on the bottom shelves, my yarn in bins along one side, and the rest will be for fabric. I have a lot of unpacking yet to do in the studio and I won’t set up the longarm until all the other boxes are unpacked.

I did find my string bins and my sewing machine so I may start making a few string blocks for the HeartStrings Quilt Project as I unpack the rest of the studio. I do have a deadline for my unpacking since I need Keith to help me set up the longarm table and he goes out of town on January 2nd so I can’t procrastinate too long.

Comcast is coming in the morning so I’ll have my internet set back up and will be able to post pictures again too.


  1. Glad to hear you are making good progress getting organized. If you are anything like me you must feel very strange – like you are missing a vital body part – while all you sewing things are packed away. It’ll be like a huge reunion with old friends when you are done.

  2. I guess we know what you’ll be doing on New Years Eve! Hope you get far enough so you can have your longarm back up before Keith leaves.

  3. Ikea sure is a life saver when it comes to storage solutions – just make sure you BOLT any big units to the wall – wouldn’t want the entire thing tumbling down on you. Keep your chin up – moving is stressful, but hopefully you will be settled in soon.



  4. AHHH its HOME with a sewing machine! Even if there are boxes..hehehehehe Ask this AF brat how she knows that! I’m glad you have all your things. Nice too to have quilty things to work on…friends online to greet you back…and it is a great way to meet new people in your new city too! Did you get a different brand of long arm? I’m taking a class to be able to rent one. I will decide after that if I want one of my own..or if I will just use my short arm and rent if I need a bigger quilt. Happy New Year! Beth

  5. glad to hear your getting organised. Would love to see some photos of your new studio.

    I’ve made 8 string blocks so far for the Heartstrings Project. The blocks go together so quickly.

  6. Mary,
    There a lot of great quilting stores in the Mpls area there. Maybe if you take a class or 2 you can make some friends. Also, I’m sure with your longarm talents that any shop would be glad to refer you to customers!!! MN is a great place. Lots of friendly people!!

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