Happy New Year

View of the snow outside our window
Last night Keith and I walked to dinner with the snow falling down – one of the wonderful things about actually living in the city. We didn’t have to worry about driving on icy roads or having a few drinks.
This morning I’ve been working in the office – clearing out more boxes. I’ll probably sew some this evening but for now Keith and I are heading out to walk along the river. One of my favorite short walks so far is a 3-4 mile route from our apartment to the river – we cross over the Mississippi river on the Hennepin Avenue bridge , walk down to the Stone Arch Bridge ,cross back to our side of the river, and then find a coffee shop on our way home.


  1. Happy New Year Mary! What a lovely view from your window, I know I’d never tire it. Your walk sounds just lovely.

  2. Happy New Year, Mary. Loved your description of your walk. When we’re in California we walk a lot, and it really is fun to have coffee shops and restaurants close at hand. Here in Exeter we are in the country, so our walks are through several paddocks, past our three donkeys and six steers, to the far end of the property and back. Also nice, but not quite the same experience. Nice to have both!

  3. Wow, snow. I think I remember what that looks like. It’s nice that you were able to get outside today. It’s been rainy and foggy here in NY all day.
    I forgot to tell you, I got the Solas Reunion cd for Christmas and played it the other day. I love Irish traditional music, and they’re very, very good. Thanks for the recommendation.
    I put up some new panto storage if you want to take a look over at my blog.

  4. Our city of Dover is no where near the size of Minneapolis, but we love living in downtown for the same reasons you do – no driving and being able to walk everywhere is awesome. We even have a coffee shop across the street from our apartment so we don’t have to go very far if we want coffee.

  5. Oh – pretty picture! Yes, I’m sure that’s a marvelous advantage to living in the city. I think of us as living in the city – but we really live in the suburbs. Big difference!

    Glad you got your longarm set up. Your storage shelves are looking SO good! I like the idea of shelves that have bins made to fit into them. I think I must work at least a month or two after we pay off our loans so I can redo all the shelves in my sewing room with new ones from Ikea.


  6. Minneapolis really is a beautiful city and your walk sounds wonderful, esp the coffee shop on the way home. You can eat pastries and negate the exercise of the walk! Lol. Wish I could do that but no coffee shops out here in the sticks.

  7. I am a country gal through and through, but I still think it would be really cool to be able to *walk* to the coffee shop, just because. :o)
    I’m so glad that you’re making progress with your sewing area. Always a step in the right direction.

    Happy New Year!

  8. well Mary-your new life is certainly filled with all good things! You did a great job making your string blocks and I love how you are putting together your quilting rooms..it takes so much time and energy to get things the way you want them. I look forward to seeing them when you are done!

  9. Sounds like you are settling in nicely! We live out in the boonies and I do miss being easily able to go out to dinner after work or run to the grocery store, after we’ve gotten home. How is Chesty settling in?

  10. Glad to see that you’re settling in there nicely. Tha apartment looks lovely!

    Happy New Year ~ Jeanne

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