Hourglass Strings photo

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Here’s the label I just finished stitching. I made a simple one on the computer and embroidered my initials beside it. I don’t usually put my name on my donation quilts but last year I started putting my initials – you can see I really need more practice with my embroidery!


  1. Hi Mary, this looks great. I think the panto looks just fine. I never know what color thread to choose for a panto when there is such a contrast between the white and the color. That’s what I’m mentally struggling with right now for Sophie’s quilt. I think I’ll do the borders separately, but put a panto in the middle. I just don’t want to try to figure out a different way to deal with all those dozens of little triangles. But no matter what I choose – purple or white – it will say “here I am!” on the opposite color. What color did you use on this one – white or blue?


  2. wouldn’t it be nice to sit in that chair with a good book, snuggle under the quilt and look out at the snow? great job, mary. i love it.

  3. The panto that you picked for your blue string quilt is perfect! i love the contrast of the curves against the straight lines of the hourglass blocks. The quilting really brought this quilt to life.

  4. Another beauty. And another great way to make up string blocks. I can see a string project on the horizon!

    I am drooling over the chest by your chair. What a wonderful piece!


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