I’m quilting Fans!

I’m so excited – my Baptist Fan template came today and I’m quilting away on my Blue Strings. I called Keith in to see my first row and I’m jumping all around telling him how excited I am and how I’ve wanted this template for 2 years – he just looked at me and asked why I didn’t buy it sooner if I wanted it so bad.

Whatever – It’s my present to ME for moving to Minneapolis and I’m happy now and that’s what matters!


  1. Looks VERY impressive. The baptist fans just fit right in on all the diagonals, don’t they?

    And I love all the blues, greens, and beiges you’ve used in that quilt too.

  2. Your quilt is marvelous! The fans really compliment the strings! What type of batt are you using? I can feel your excitement when I read your post! Congratulations!

  3. This has always been my favorite pattern for my long arm quilter to quilt on my quilts….the circle lord makes the best baptist fans that can be made with a long arm. I totally understand why you are so happy 🙂
    Good for you treating yourself!!!!!
    Love all your quilts and enjoy reading your blog…
    Kathie in NJ

  4. The Baptist fans are gorgeous on the quilt.

    I agree with Keith – if you want something (and you still want it after a month or two) you should get it. Congrats on treating yourself.

  5. The Baptist Fans look great. I have heard about them from other longarm bloggers and they all rave about them. If I ever get a longarm it will be my first template!

  6. Mary, you’re so funny! That’s exactly what Vince said when I told him how long I’d been wanting the BF before I bought it.

    Glad you bought yourself a gift for moving. I can definitely say that you/we deserve gifts when we move!

    Judy L.

  7. Mary, does this mean you have the Circle Lord or is it another template? Your quilting looks heavenly, just like a vintage quilt.

  8. Hi! I just wanted to share with you that I have vistited your blog several times, and you helped me decide to purchase my CL. I tried to resist the tempatation, but I am glad I didn’t! I got the BF and the Swirls templates along with some others, I am so excited about it!I posted a pic of my first quilt done with it on my new blog, Quilting4u

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