some quilting done, more blocks made

I left the kitchen stool in the studio because I still have to pick out the top border on Mom’s quilt once I decide how I’m going to redo it and believe it or not Chesty jumped up there by himself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him jump up on anything so high.
Plodding along today – some quilting done on Mom’s quilt. I’m doing some small meandering in the blocks around her applique now – I only do 4 blocks before taking a break because my arms start to ache.
My circle issues were resolved with a call to Michael at Loricles. I’ve never heard anything but great reports about their customer service and based on my experience it wasn’t exaggerated. I’m very pleased with both my Baptist Fan template and my Circle Lord.

I also made some more blocks for my rectangular string quilt – just 16 left to do and I may make more later tonight. Keith is still out of town so I’m going to take a break and watch a little TV and then work some more.


  1. Looks like you know who is making himself comfortable!

    I meant to say how cool those rectangular string blocks look. I get enough of the regular version done for one quilt and I am going to try that too.

  2. Mary: Would Chesty jump down from there or would he wait for someone to help him down? Isn’t Michael’s service amazing? We could only wish that everyone we do business with was so nice and efficient!

    Did I tell you that Vince travels NONE with his current job? Grrrrrr

  3. Cute Chesty! Love how organized your studio looks …. especially all those books on the bottom shelf. I’m enjoying your Blog and really like the string quilt designs you’re coming up with.


  4. ~~~~~~~~waving to Chesty and a scratch behind the ears! I just raised my bed so I have room for storage. I knew my oldest dog would now need to be lifted into bed. I went into my room to go to bed and who is sitting there? Jack, looking at me like it was no big deal!

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