Backing made and more Baptist Fans

I finished piecing the backing this morning and am about 3/4 of the way finished quilting my Half Square Strings using my Baptist Fan template again and I love how it’s looking!

I ended up piecing strips leftover from the backs of 10 different quilts and as you can see there’s a little bit of everything. I had a lot of comments from people who piece quilt backs (I also piece most of my backs) – the challenge here was using all those leftover bits and as you can see it’s not really color coordinated but it won’t be nearly as ugly once it’s quilted and trimmed.

The second photo shows the most important step of assembling a pieced backing – squaring it up.
I’ve got my binding made – I also save leftover binding bits and piece them together for scrappy quilts. I had intended to use a scrappy binding on this log cabin quilt – can you see the binding on the floor already made? In the end I decided to bind that quilt in the same blue as the border and that pieced binding has been sitting around for a year waiting for me to use it.


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