The house I grew up in

I grew up in Newport News, Virginia in this house that my Mom still lives in. With my parents, 6 kids, and other various relatives staying at one time or another it was crowded but somehow we managed.

Mom didn’t want me to post this picture of the house because she had the old shrubs next to the house pulled out and will have new ones planted in the spring and right now it looks pretty bare. We also had a large maple tree in the front yard when I was growing up but that one had to be replaced and this tree hasn’t grown as large.

A few daffodils are blooming in the backyard. Daffodils will always mean spring to me but I’m sure it won’t feel like spring next week when I head back to Minnesota!


  1. This looks a lot like the house I grew up in in Bassett, Virginia! My brother and his family are moving to a new home in Newport News this weekend and I believe it’s an older neighborhood like this one. maybe they will be neighbors!

  2. It looks like a nice house to grow up in. I hope you are enjoying your time with your family.Yeah daffodils! I love to see signs of spring.

  3. Our very first daffodils are blooming here too. I’m so glad you are having a nice visit with your mom. The quilt top you finished with the brights and the bugs – are they dragonflies or butterflies? – looks great. I’m sure Chesty misses you both a lot!

  4. The daffodils prove that at least in places, spring WILL come once againg! — But not for a while in western Nebraska! I found myself checking under the grass, fallen twigs, and mulch to see if anything green was showing – not yet, sigh, sigh.

  5. I also live in Newport News…Denbigh, and I swear I have seen that house before. Something looks familiar…I think it’s the diamonds under the windows! Fabulous daffodils!

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