Fabric balls

I was following links on Amy’s blogs and somehow got to an article that mentioned using those tiny strips usually tossed in the trash to make fabric balls. I’d bogged about my trash before and how colorful and pretty it gets during the making of a quilt and thought about getting a vase to layer the trash but I don’t really have room for it at the apartment so this caught my eye.


  1. They are pretty! I was contemplating doing the vase thing myself, but I know that I would not keep up with it… But I keep thinking about it as I trim the rectangles into kites for my current project!We are leaving for MAQS at 6 a.m. on Saturday – no rest for the weary, huh?

  2. They are really pretty, aren’t they? Reminds me that when I was at PIQF in Santa Clara last October I saw a booth where people were making purses and tote bags by knitting and crocheting them with strips of fabric. The strips were intentionally cut, but it seems to me you could do the same thing with actual scraps. I didn’t get a pattern or instructions, though….

  3. Mary, Mary, tsk, tsk! You’d be better be careful or you’re gonna end up with a trash stash, too! LOLThe balls are great. Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂(Hugs)

  4. I’ve heard of people who cut the scraps up small and put them inside clear Christmas ornament balls. Or layer them in an old canning jar. I love the ornament idea. Or lay them out on that solvy stuff, then thread paint all over them with neat threads, and then soak away the solvy to make marvelous new fabrics.

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