Quilt Show shopping

I just lost my entire post and am too tired to retype it so I’ll summarize.

Went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt show today to shop and see my older sister’s quilt hanging in the show (pictured above). We’re going back Saturday to see the rest of the quilts when my younger sister gets here.

Spent WAY too much money – I bought a quilt chest which has to be shipped to MN and an antique 30’s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt, some fat quarters, and a book. Luckily, Keith is still speaking to me.

Winter storm predicted for Minneapolis this weekend and I’m worried I won’t be able to fly home Sunday as planned. Keith leaves for Denmark on Monday so a delay would be a problem. I guess Chesty could go back to the kennel if absolutely necessary until I get home but I’d hate for him to have to go back so soon.

6 thoughts on “Quilt Show shopping

  1. Lovely quilt of your sister’s! We need to see your purchases, when you have time to post the pics.Will keep a good thought for flights and such over the next few days. Chesty needs a break from the kennel!


  2. Oh noooo Chesty would be looking up at the webcam camera again with those big “I am not mixing with others Mom” eyes. Your purchases sound exciting and congratulations to your sister re her quilt, it’s a honey. Hope you can fly home OK.


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