Design wall

I’ve had several questions about the portable design wall I purchased at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. It’s too soon to say if it’s going to be worth the money. I set it up yesterday but it’s somewhat distorted – I’m sure I just need to take it down and try again but for now I have the Patriotic String Star blocks on it so it will have to wait.

The blocks seem to be holding fairly well even though they are heavier than normal because of the muslin base.

The size is 72 by 72 but the last row of this top is not going to quite fit as it it is 54×72 finished and my unfinished blocks need 76 inches in length.

It does fold up nicely in a small bag but I don’t see myself taking it down and carrying it with me.

I think it will probably work for me but not sure I’d recommend you go out and spend $125 for it.


  1. Good feedback on the design wall…I didn’t even see them at the show Friday! I love your quilt. It’s a lot like a reversible star quilt that I did a few years ago. I just love scrappy string quilts – all of them!

  2. Thanks for the info on the design wall. I was hoping this was the answer for me. 🙁That string quilt is just amazing! I’ve never made a whole quilt with a muslin foundation. Would you use a lighter weight batting in it or just the normal batt you always use?Hope you get rid of your glitches today!

  3. You know what is a really good portable desing wall? A vinyl picnic table cloth! They have flannel on the back and you tape it to the wall and then when done, carefully roll the cloth up from the bottom like a tube and all the blocks stay put until you lay it out again!!I’d say this may be a little too steep for me. Your snow storms look pretty but yikes having to go out must be a nightmare!

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