Raw edge applique on the longarm

Diane from Patchogue questioned whether it was OK to applique after quilting.

For this quilt, I used the longarm to stitch down the applique at the same time I was quilting. The bears and trees were fused first, then I loaded and quilted the rest of the quilt, and last I quilted the applique down. I wasn’t too happy with it last night but looking at it this morning it doesn’t look half bad.

There’s a book (one of many in my collection) called Appliquilt in the Cabin by Tonee White that uses a technique of appliqueing and quilting at the same time. Hers is done by hand but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done by machine too but unless it was a small piece I would think it would be too difficult to maneuver the bulk of the quilt.


  1. I think you have done an excellent job of giving those fence rails texture while bringing life to the applique pieces! Nothing wrong with that quilt at all!

  2. In quilting, I think we first learn all the “rules” so we know which ones we can break! LOL! I do a lot of hand applique, but I made one quilt where I had pieced a Christmas wreath and wanted to applique on holly leaves without taking a lot of time. I made the leaves using a light weight, non-fusible interfacing and turning them “right side out.” Then I pinned the leaves to the quilt in the right spots and quilted it all, stitching down the appliqued leaves as I quilted the rest. Turned out fine–you can’t even tell how I did it! Great job on the quilting–I’ve watched your progress. Isn’t it nice to finish up a UFO?

  3. mary, this will make a fantastic quilt for heartstrings. it has a male feel to it, imo. it could be a string quilt if you didn’t let anyone know that you strip pieced it.absolutely love the quilting.patti in florida

  4. I think those bears and pine trees just make the quilt. 🙂 To me, it looks as if they’re standing at a waterfall (the downward motions of the rails) and hunting for salmon, I’d bet!

  5. I just love the look of this quilt .. I’m sure that if you didn’t look at it for a bit and then came back to it, you would love it too (if you already don’t)I do have a few questions on appliquilt if I may ask you?? I’m currently working on a quilt that I need to applique kitty heads and tails and heard about appliquilt and that method is almost made for these pieces. Could you contact me privately so I can ask you about this?? greatly appreciate your time and TIA

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