Line Dancing

I finished loading my rather unattractive Rail Fence UFO last night and have been working on the quilting today. The plan was to stitch the applique down first and then throw a pantograph on it. After further thought I decided I’d try a Line Dancing design by Diana Phillips that she calls pine needles.

Once I finish quilting the pine needles I’ll go back and stitch down the applique. I also made another 3 Pineapple blocks last night – now I’ve finished 12 but still have a long way to go to make a king size quilt.


  1. I don’t think this is an unattractive quilt at all! That greenish color rescues it. =) I love Diana’s books. Good choice for this quilt. You do such nice work, too. =)A Premier is what I had, and I loved it, with it’s 12′ table. No stitch regulator back then!

  2. I actually like this quilt also. I think it looks nice. A good blend of fall, earthtone colors.I do however want to bid on the Baptist Quilt before you donate it to some “Other Charity!”Jamie of Bowie

  3. I think it is great. Amazing how the quilting can do so much for a quilt. I have a question about the applique. It is okay to applique after the the quilt is quilted? Will you use the blanket stitch? Diane from Patchogue

  4. I thought that the applique was a nice addition but the quilting will elevate the quilt to something that you may enjoy a lot more when it is completed. I cannot remember if you said is was staying or one you planned on donating?

  5. The quilting makes the quilt, for this one at least it is true. I am sure it will look even better once the appliqué is done. And a good feeling to have a UFO less. Take care.

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