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I think a comment on my previous post warrants a little clarification from me .

DB wrote: I’d love to see you ‘practice’ piece. I’ve never seen a posting that references woggly stitching with the Circle Lord. Someday I hope to get the C.L. THANKS

I’m using the Featherz template with my Circle Lord for the first time. As with any new quilting template or design, I expect that a bit of practice will improve my results.

For those of you wondering how the template is used – there is a stylus attached to my machine that fits in the groove of the template and I guide my machine to stitch the design.

The results are definitely affected by how smoothly I move the machine as I’m stitching the design and advancing the template.

I’m thrilled with my Circle Lord and fully expect some learning curve rather than instantaneous perfection and the instructions with the template clearly state that “at first you will not lay the thread as well as with more experience.”

I frequently share my quilting challenges on my blog and this case is no different – I have wobbly stitches on these first attempts using this template. It’s not a negative comment on the product and I have no hesitation in recommending the Circle Lord.

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  1. Mary,I LOVE the CL as well! Michael and Kaye are the NEATEST people as well! I worked in their booth 2 years ago at the MQS here in KS. They are absolutely genuine people!Also, thanks for your comments on our moving here to KS and actually liking it here! LOL…I KNEW you’d LOVE Mpls. Native Minnesotans are always asked why we live there. But when people move in, they never want to move out! :=) It’s that MN Nice thing!!! I’m happy you are so content there and I hope it works out for you!HugsLaurie

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