Chinese Coins top finished

I got the final borders on this morning. I wasn’t sure yesterday how much I was going to like it but now that the top is finished I do (like it). I don’t know if anyone else is working on Chinese Coins for HeartStrings so I may or may not get additional sections for another quilt.

I wasn’t using a pattern and debated how wide to make my sashing strips and borders. I did searches on google and webshots looking at other versions before deciding on 2 inch sashing and 4 inch borders.

In response to a question about the size of my coins – they’re trimmed to 5.5 inches wide. My sashing was cut 2.5 inches, and my borders cut 4.5 inches. The overall quilt is 55×70. I would have made it a bit longer but the green fabric turned out to be only 1.8 yards and not 2 as I originally thought. I barely squeaked the sashing, border, and binding out with just the piece below left – how’s that for cutting it close?


  1. When you started this project, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But as I saw it progress I thought, “maybe, maybe”. And now that I see the completed flimsy, I love it!!

  2. I was going to do some coins but not sure I’ll have time now. Maybe as I’m liking the way yours turned out. I might work on those next weekend during the sew-in instead of the traditional heartstring blocks.

  3. Another wonderful quilt by Mary! Even though green is my favorite color, I wasn’t too sure about your choice for sashing – BUT – as usual, you knew what you were doing and the finished product is delightful.

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