It’s starting to look like spring

The trees have started sprouting leaves this week and when I looked out this afternoon it finally looked like spring.

I haven’t accomplished much today but did get an off center 4 patch backing made for my Chinese Coins quilt which I hope to get loaded later tonight.

There’s been a lot of discussion on Stashbuster about books. I use the bottom shelves in my bedroom studio for the bulk of mine but there are stacks in the den where I have my sewing machine and computer, stacks in the living room, and stacks in the bedroom too.
I’ve also been folding fabric again – I made a start when I moved in but only got a few shelves done. I tore the blues apart looking for a binding for a HeartStrings quilt and those 3 shelves are the messiest right now.


  1. Ah, books everywhere! I love it. That’s my idea of decorating. =) Beautiful view from your window, too. Won’t be long before all the trees are in full leaf.

  2. wonderful banner with books and Chesty!thanks for some of the great book ideas for dealing with aging parents…and Complications…may be it will help me deal with the surgeons better at work…listened to Whitethorn Woods on CD and it’s a real treat…

  3. Love the buildings outside tyour balcony. Condos? They look fabulous and is that a pool in between the buildings? Chesty looks like he wants to play!

  4. The quilts in your photos are so impressive that I return to them again and again. They are so crisp looking, cheerful, and lively with wonderful juxtaposition of fabrics. I’ve saved and/or printed many of them for future ideas. Thanks for sharing!Tam in Va, another Stashbuster

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