My Spiderweb top is FINALLY done

I don’t have a good place to take full length photo’s of quilts (or quilt tops in this case). I took the first one tossed over the balcony but decided to try and get a full length one too but I can’t get far enough away from the quilt.

I had a couple requests for instructions – here’s a link to my quilt instructions site. – they’re brief and assume you don’t need detailed instructions. I added the narrow dark red border on my quilt that is not included in the instructions because I decided at the last minute the border and sashing fabric would be too blendy without something between them.


  1. I don’t understand why you didn’t like this one. This quilt has built in movement and is one of my favorites! I love it! I am glad you did not get discouraged and quit!

  2. This is really an interesting quilt. I like it! It is sort of like a puzzle, sort of like an optical illusion. Very nice!

  3. OOOh the optical illusions are fantastic! So glad you kept at it- and thanks for sharing the instructions. By the way, Tuesday the whole metro area and even further north was covered with the smell and smoke from the South GA & FLA fires. Who would have thought we’d see and smell it this far away???

  4. For a quilt that was “a pain” for a while, you certainly made it turn out beautifully–I printed off the pdf and look forward to playing with it. Love the green you chose for sashings and borders.

  5. Another beauty, Mary! Love how the green just sets off the rest of the quilt. I am hoping to get back to making blocks for Heartstrings as soon as I get caught up on “gifty” quilts!!!

  6. All the quilts and tops are just fabulous Mary!! I have missed so many posts! You guys got a lot done on your vacation!

  7. The red is just the spark that it needed, Mary. I know you are glad to see it downscaled and finished since you were not all that crazy about it. The little pieced cornerstones are a nice touch.I always pre-sash my blocks as I have never had any luck sewing long skinny strips of them (as instructions normally show) onto the heavier body of the quilt—just eliminating the drag is always a plus. The sewing is then just basically twosies, foursies from there in rows.

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