That was quick

I finished the Roman Stripes quilt just before going out to dinner. Keith has another business dinner tonight so I’m on my own – again. I walked a couple blocks to Buca and a couple glasses of wine, a salad, and 2 slices of pizza later I’m very mellow!

I’ve also been working on the spiderweb top – just 3 seams and then I can add borders. I’m really having to make myself finish this top rather than putting it aside. This is the first time I’ve sashed the blocks individually – I don’t know if it’s because there are so few blocks or if the design wall makes it easier but I didn’t have to *think* too hard.

I was playing around in EQ6 again today – I love this new version – it’s so easy to save photos of quilts and blocks. Here’s the 16 patch and pinwheels that Mom and I were working on.


  1. The Baptist Fans on that quilt are perfect – they really suit it! Maybe Santa will bring me a Circle Lord this year….

  2. I just checked your blog earlier and saw this quilt on your frame!!! That was super quick and the results are fantastic, as always!

  3. The fans made a beautiful finish! How are you planning to quilt the spiderweb? I am thinking that it is a candidate for spirals. Do you have the single spiral template?

  4. The Roman Strips quilt is SO pretty. Also love how the spiders web is coming along – great addition of the pinwheels as cornerstones in the sashing 🙂

  5. The fans show up so well on that quilt…great job. The 16-patch and pinwheels looks really interesting. Could be a great way to use up some scraps!

  6. What a sweet quilt the Roman Stripe is in the pastels! Even the backing fabric is pretty. And I love the Baptist Fans—I told Norma that you both make me want to quilt fans into everything, LOL.Your EQ sketch reminds me of a top that my friend Joy made last year. I will have to track back to find the picture of it. Actually it was one that fooled the eye like yours–what the pinwheels did to the 16 patches. Hers was more scrappy than the greens you used in the sketch.

  7. Okay, I found it< HREF="" REL="nofollow"> HERE<>–the 2nd quilt down.

  8. You do very gorgeous quilts….love how both of them turned out and love the Baptist Fan quilting on them… lucky the recipients will be…..

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