1. Very nice – a whole new look for you. Much cooler for the summer I imagine. The important thing – what you didn’t tell us – how do YOU like it?

  2. Fabulous hair cut! I think you found a time machine and managed to travel back in time….or you found the fountain of youth! This is a wonderfully fresh look for you! Enjoy!

  3. Oh Mary! How pretty you are!I do think it makes you look a little younger too. How lucky you are to get a cut you like, & find a hairdresser who is not a butcher!!

  4. It looks great! I had to keep going down to the “before” photo and back up to the “after,” and I think it really lifts and flatters the shape of your face. And not that I agreed with your statement about “chubby cheeks” before, but the new “do” really seems to narrow that part of your face. Are you pleased?

  5. Fantastic “new look”…..love it!!You look much younger … (i stopped colouring my hair just over a year ago and i feel so free of being tied to the colouring process, but am still trying to get used to my “new look”!) You have made a good choice!

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