Loring Park

You’ve seen pictures of this park off my balcony but I wanted to share some from the walk Chesty and I took today. I LOVE this park and the fact that its just steps outside my door. My favorite bench in the park has this view of the Basilica of St. Mary’s.

Click on the album below if you’re interested in seeing the rest of the photos from our walk.

Loring Park – May 2007

7 thoughts on “Loring Park

  1. It is certainly a beautiful park, no wonder you love it. I also love the photos of Chesty- he is so much like Leo, except I had to cut most of Leo’s tail feathers off, as he wont let me brush him, & it had got all knotted. It is slowly growing back.


  2. Mary,I love the pictures of Loring Park. Back in the 70s I was the day care director for the “old” MCC. We were up there last year and it was so different. Glad to see the fountain is still there! That’s one of my favorite fountains anywhere! Where else can you feel like you’re celebrating dandelions!!!


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