Thanks for all the comments and compliments – I do like the new haircut although next time I’ll have her do the back just a little differently. I’d forgotten how *easy* short hair is so that’s a bonus.

Nice to hear it makes me look younger too – just in time for my birthday tomorrow. I’d recently read about Heifer International and asked Keith and the boys for livestock for my birthday. In addition to getting a sheep from Chris, Adam, & Becky and a cow from Keith, my sister sent me a Jelly Roll and Mom gave me a Rosary bracelet made of Connemara marble.

Yesterday I worked on my Amish Stripes and finished assembling the top. I also finally stopped procrastinating and loaded my Aunt’s top on the longarm so I should have if finished and hopefully mailed off before I head to MQS on Tuesday.


  1. Happy birthday! Heifer is great and has been the choice of my birthday and Christmas gifts for a few years. I just love thier “pay it forward” requirement.Your Amish quilt is very striking! Lovely!

  2. Mary, the quilt turned out great! I love amish looking quilts! Sorry the interfacing was such a disaster..but live and learn, right? The pictures of St Mary’s bring back a lot of memories for me. I spent all my summers growing up at my grandparents in Mpls! Spring and summer are so great there. Happy birthday to you, and enjoy that new hair cut! It looks darling on you!Bonnie

  3. happy birthday! you have done a gorgeous job on that roman stripe quilt-of course it has my favorite colors, so how could I not but love it? great new hair style…short is easy all right.

  4. Beautiful, Mary! I love the way those jewel tones seem to glow from the black background. It’s lovely. 🙂And the new haicut’s cute too! I saw you talking about it on the heartstrings list.

  5. beautiful, mary, and the haircut too….love those traditional amish quilts, meaning no yellow, orange or white (at least that’s what I have read)…..I just finished three mini amish quilt tops 18″ square….using up my solid stash to make more, yay! BTW, i’ve been saving strings also, so there might be a string quilt in my future at some point…cityquilter grace

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