I’ve been wanting to begin Judy’s July Quilt for an Hour project but felt that I’d never get caught up enough to get started. I finally decided today after visiting Vicki’s blog that I’d just combine the QFAH project with a quilt I need to make for a gift. So I played around some with Judy’s EQ file and here’s my version – my quilt will be scrappy but I tend to use a single color in EQ to save time.

I’ve been making so many string quilts I’d forgotten what a pain it is to cut out a scrap quilt. I still have my browns to cut and I’m going to have to hunt up some more beige but I’m ready to start sewing tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “July QFAH

  1. At first, my thought was CW repros, but I really like what I can see of the fabrics you picked. This will be a great quilt! I’m making my scrappy blocks as a leader-ender project with some other quilts, so it will take a while, but I love the way it’s going.


  2. I love that line of fabric and really wanted to make a pink and brown quilt using it, but I don’t have any pink in my house. I guess I COULD repaint a room though! LOL!


  3. I laughed when I saw the photo of your fabrics- I’m using that range for a commissioned quilt and I’ve just spent the morning cutting out the pinks. Lovely colours, and I’m really enjoying working with them. Your quilt will be lovely, can’t beat pink and brown as a colour combo.


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