OK – now it’s hot

Summer has finally arrived in Minneapolis. Keith and I have been looking at each other all month and saying “can you believe it’s July?”. Coming from the South, the lack of humidity and the lovely summer days have been wonderful but now it’s HOT. Luckily, it’s also almost August so we know the hot weather won’t be here long.

Today we decided to walk across Loring Park and visit the Walker Art Center. We’ve been over to the Sculpture Garden but hadn’t been through the museum. They have a Picasso exhibit there and I have to say he’s not my favorite artist. I prefer paintings by Monet and Van Gogh.

Quilting progress seems slow the last couple days. I continue to work on my Aunt’s top but just a little bit at a time. My QFAH project is coming along. I finished all the large 4 patches and cut my browns yesterday. I’ve sewn the strips for the small 4 patches. Later today I’ll try to iron the strips and get them cut and sewn.

I hadn’t updated my reading list for a while – I’ve been reading a little bit of everything recently. The usual mysteries and some historical fiction are there but I can’t you the last time I read something by Danielle Steel. I brought that book home from Mom’s and it was very light summer reading.


  1. Hi Mary, just catching up with your last few posts. I love the colours you have chosen for your QFAH. I cant wait to get over my pain, & get my sewing room all usable again.

  2. Yeah, well it should be hot other places this time of year…should feel just like home in south Florida….it’s hot here too, but the afternoon rains help.Waiting to see moreof Nancy’s quilt.

  3. You know, about your MN weather–I’ve been in Minneapolis/St. Paul twice. Once was in July, right after the 4th, for a soccer tournament held in Blaine maybe about 10 years ago, and I’d never been anywhere so humid before! Of course, in California we don’t have much humidity, so I’m not sure if that’s normal or not there, but I swear that although it was only in the mid-80s, my hair never seemed to dry the whole week I was there! LOL! I was back a couple years ago in late September and it was great. But I always think of MN as fairly humid–isn’t that funny?!

  4. Don’t ya love the midwest? Hot and humid as blazes in the summer, cold and frigid with winds that cut through ya in the winter. I don’t know what I would do with boring weather!Light summer reading is about my speed right now too — I just checked out some young adult books from the library for a brain break.

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