More gushing about the new computer

We’re arrived in San Diego this afternoon – for all of you suffering in the heat let me tell you how beautiful it was here today. We went up to the pool/bar area to have lunch overlooking the city and stayed to relax and read a while. The weather was perfect with a cool breeze blowing.

This is my first trip with the new laptop – I have a backpack that I call my activity bag and packed it with the computer, books, camera, iPod, drawing pad (for practicing quilting designs), etc. I was lucky and the NW lounge and the hotel both have free wireless – so easy to stay in touch. On the plane I watched a DVD from one of Karen McTavish’s books that I’ve had for a couple years but had not really watched before. I just haven’t gotten into watching DVD’s on the computer at home but I can see that I’ll be doing lots of it while I’m traveling and I’ll be ordering more quilting DVD’s.

One other really cool feature of Office 2007 which I bought with the laptop is a new program called OneNote. You can take screen clippings or save pages while browsing and they can be organized and filed in a *notebook*. I’m LOVING this feature. Tonight I followed a link from Tanya’s blog to an article by Joe Cunningham on freehand quilting and just hit one button and the article is saved on the laptop for me to view later. Cool.

Such a long post but I’ll end with a couple pictures. This hotel we’re staying at is pretty trendy – can you believe the bathrobes provided in the room? Which one do you think is ME?

And here’s one of Keith at lunch.


  1. Wasn’t that an amazing article by Joe? I love it too. I like that notepad feature you have. Think I’m gonna print Joe’s article and add it to my real notebook of inspiration. I’ve just had it as a link, but one of these days Threads might decide to take it off their site.

  2. Oh, how I LOVE San Diego!!! Lucky you. I must have missed a post about your new laptop (and I read your blog everyday!!!). I am extremely interested in what you got as I am contemplating a new one. Would you mind emailing me about the model and its various “stuff”? BTW, you made some great points about the auction for quilts for breast cancer research. Hopefully, next year they will come up with a better plan. I agree–$40 – $60 ain’t gonna cut it. Enjoy San Diego–and try a fish taco.

  3. I have Ofice 2007 – I’ve got to find that OneNote feature! Love the bathrobes!! I have never been to san Diego but have heard that the weather there is perfect every day of the year.

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