Back at work!

Since I get more accomplished when I set goals – here are some for the next couple weeks.

  1. Quilt 4 HeartStrings tops – finished CC#1 already today
  2. Piece 2 backings
  3. Bind, label, wash, and ship quilt for my niece – all but the shipping done yesterday
  4. Work on string blocks for my Half Square Hearts
  5. Bind, label, and wash CC #4
  6. Bind, label, and wash CC #1 (quilted today)
  7. If all goes well and the HS quilts get done, load and start quilting one of Mom’s tops

I can’t show the photo of my niece’s quilt until I ship it off and she receives it so I’ll share a photo of the quilting I did today. I was getting ready to pull a pantograph out for this Coins quilt but decided allover hearts and loops quilting would work fine and it probably went faster which is good with all the ones I want to get through.


  1. Mary, if I could do freemotion loops and hearts like that, I’d never use a panto again! Great job – it is just lovely.

  2. Your FM quilting is so good that I don’t know why you ever use pantos! I relly like it with the light blue sashing. I susally first think about dark sashing for a quilt like that but the light values works really well.

  3. This is such a cute quilt pattern, I may have to try it someday. What a list to accomplish!!! Don’t forget some ‘me’ time in there too though :O)

  4. Great quilting. I always find a list (and particularly making it public) is a great way to get things accomplished. Wonderful sense of achievement when you cross something through as finished 🙂

  5. Goals are good! I was just thinking this morning that I should really jump in and do more all-over quilting from the front — or at least try it. I like your hearts and loops.

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