More hearts

I finished quilting my 2nd Purple Project quilt this morning and was using the extra batting and backing for practice. I started just echoing some hearts and I LOVE this. It wasn’t even something I’d seen somewhere and practiced drawing for HOURS which is what I usually have to do. Isn’t it CUTE? Now hopefully I can find a top to use it on!

As I was getting the quilt set up this morning I had to pull out a new roll of batting. I almost had a heart attack until I realized this huge black streak was on the plastic NOT on my batting!


  1. oh I LOVE them! Do you mind if I try them myself? I am trying to get the rusties out of my quilting. My panto quilting is just NASTY.

  2. Wow, those hearts are just fantastic. In fact, you have many wonderful quilting designs!! Makes me want to get into my quilting room, but I can’t until the girls leave. I love them, but I am getting antsy to sew!!

  3. Beautiful free-hand hearts, and the spacing is just prefect. What a nice overall design; you’d better name it Mary’s hearts quicksmart….

  4. What a fantastic quilting pattern! I know machine quilting take practice and “doodling” time but I doubt very much I could ever do something so wonderful. I’m saving your picture just so that I can look at it and dream!

  5. Ohhh Mary, the quilting is just wonderful! I love it! I predict there will be a lot of us working up hearts soon!*hugs*Tazzie🙂

  6. Wow, those hearts are fabulous, Mary!I would have panicked, too if I’d seen that blue streak. Thank goodness it was just on the plastic wrapper. Whew!

  7. It’s wonderful. I love the hearts and how they dance across the fabric. gorgeous. what do you do with your practice pieces? I bet you could make something interesting out of this like a tote bag or gift bag.

  8. Beautiful heart quilting! I do love the red binding – I often use a contrasting binding from the border – but something that matches the quilt. And – I can NOT believe that you hand sew your bindings down to the back?! I like to sew my bindings on the back and then sew down on the front – I just don’t have the patience you have, I guess – I want the quilt DONE as fast as my machine can manage at that point!Cheers!Evelyn

  9. Your hearts are fabulous! I echo Norma — we’ll need to call these Mary’s hearts! All the pantos and heart meanders I’ve seen are mostly ugly hearts — skinny with not much definition — yours are beautiful, fat hearts — I love them. I just pieced a baby quilt they would look great on. I’ll have to practice my own version.

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