Another top finished!

I don’t know why it took me so long to finish up this one! I wanted this quilt to be a little less square so since I was watching Ricky Tim’s Caveman Quilting DVD, I decided to add some of his *dancing squares*. I was so tempted to add a bottom border too but since I’m trying to let go of my symmetric tendencies I just added the one border.
This will be another HeartStrings donation quilt and I think it will be quilted with my Swirls template from Circle Lord .


  1. Love the hearts Mary! I’ve saved the picture for inspiration – I’ve found a gabillion strings while tidying up my quilting room. 🙂

  2. Mary, you just amaze me. It seems like you complete a quilt everyday. It takes me weeks to complete just a top. How do you do it? I love this quilt, BTW, I am especially fond of bright colored scrap quilts.Thanks so much for sharing your quilts with us.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it, and have bookmarked it so I can …. errrrr … well … “borrow” your design – I think it’s brilliant! Like the others, I really like the one border – it’s very kicky! This is a wonderful project – thank you so much for the inspiration!!Sandra 🙂

  4. I love your quilt and will look forward to photos after quilting. I am going to get the spiral template from Quilt EZ which is simiar. I love what those spirals and swirls do to a quilt!

  5. Very cool quilt…… When I finish a quilt that has been laying around for awhile I always ask myself the same question….. Great Job!

  6. This quilt is so good, I think it is one of the best heartstring ones you’ve made – and I’ve loved them all!! So bright and cheerful and althoug it is hearts it isn’t at all ‘girly’. LOVE IT!!

  7. GORGEOUS quilt!! Love the dancing squares, and it would only be that cute with one border, like you did. Way to go! Love it!!! Isn’t it fun to have an adoring fan club? We adore your work!

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