Garmin GPS c340

Keith and I tested out the GPS unit today. It was great – we were easily able to make a couple unscheduled stops. Since I don’t know my way around the areas outside downtown Minneapolis, we would have had to come home and look up the address and directions without the GPS.

I’ve been working on recreating a quilt I made after Sept 11, 2001 but wasn’t able to put my hands on a photo. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a file of the photo on one of my backup CD’s. I posted an instruction sheet for this one and for the 30’s Roman Stripes quilt. Hopefully I found all the typos!


  1. Now you can find the local quilt shops quite easily! 🙂 Love the new RWB quilt idea. Wouldn’t that make a great table runner with stars on each end.

  2. DH just got one … it’s for Christmas. He’s driving me crazy with that thing … programing it, going in the wrong direction on purpose … he’s gonna wear it out before Dec. arrives. It really is cool though.Going to use it tomorrow to Mansfield, Ohio for Deloa Jones’ Long Arm Retreat.

  3. I am so happy with our GPS! I still look at the map before leaving but it gives me a bit more confidence when driving by myself. I particularly like just hitting the home button! The pattern is wonderful. Thanks,

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