Looking toward the park from our balcony there’s still a lot of green but if I look across the street the leaves are changing. So far I’m not too impressed with my first autumn in MN. I miss fall in Kennesaw and the North GA mountains!

I seem to have a serious lack of will power! I was up last night until after 2AM working on a fabric postcard. I gave into my desire to work on doll quilts but I planned to resist the postcards. Deb, do you have any of those clear envelopes you could send me?? Or you could just share the link for me to order some.


  1. Are the clear envelopes what you mail your fabric postcards in? You will have to share details. 🙂 Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Because of the drought this summer the fall colors won’t be quite the same in MN, but if you have the time to go out to Wild River State Park – that is my favorite place to enjoy fall colors, or Murphy Hanrahan Regional Park in Savage. I’m in Nebraska this fall and I miss the MN colors!

  3. I was asking the same question today too. Fall? We had a high of 85 degrees here today. Guess summer is not quite ready to give up. Your second photo looks wonderful to me. We just don’t get much color change here in San Diego.Have fun with the postcards.

  4. Are you sure you need clear envelopes? I have never used them and my cards go through the mail just fine. they are good, though, if you have loose stuff on the car but for a card with all the decorations fixed in place you can send them out naked.

  5. I’m so hoping our first Fall in MO will be as pretty as it was in KY. Although, with the drought in KY, Fall in MO might be prettier. I’ll let you know when our leaves start changing and you can come see me .. how’s that? 🙂

  6. So you gave in, huh? I knew you couldn’t resist but for so long! I’ll send you some envelopes. I have had some get bad smudges on them, so I always use the envelopes now. So how many do you want? 25, 50, 100…what? I’ll mail them out to you Tuesday, just tell me how many.

  7. Mary,Fall in MN is definitely dependant on the rainfall, as it is everywhere. But MN falls compared to KS falls are like night and day. MN has the brilliant reds of not only the maples, but the oaks too. Fall here is just a lot of yellow/green/brown and some reds. I miss fall in MN. I’m not sure that downtown Mpls has a lot of oaks. If not, hope there are maples or it will be boring.Laurieps…i almost bought the gps you have because of saying the street names but researched the one we have cuz dh said ours was newer/better and i said but ours doesn’t say the street names. After researching garmin, i figured it out! I had to change a setting and now it says the street names!!! WOOHOO…saved us over $200, dh was pleased!!!

  8. Watch out, postcards are addictive, and it’s all Vicki’s fault. I saw her blog and just had to make/swap postcards.I am always open to a one on one “My hometown” swap if you are interested.

  9. I checked out all your fall pics. Wonderful colours.We are just loving our lime greens here, in our spring froth!Your postcards could travel in the mail naked. I got a lovely one from Quilt Pixie, quite safely.

  10. FPC’s are such a trip. It’s great, like making a quilt all in one sitting. I made a small handful and now my guild wants me to do a workshop. (!) That’ll learn me…

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