I probably should just let this go…..but

After reading a post on Deb’s blog yesterday I had a feeling someone had made some kind of nasty comment so I wrote and asked her about it.

I couldn’t believe when she wrote me back that she’d had an anonymous comment that said “sisters who don’t get along, should not play together in public and annoy others with their rivalry”.

I try to be nice but people like this really piss me off. If I don’t like how a blog is written, I don’t bother reading it – how hard is that?

I also had a question from Pam about what I’d charge to quilt a king size quilt. Sorry Pam I don’t do any quilting for hire. I have more than enough to keep up with with my HeartStrings quilting and the quilts I do for family. Deb, Judy, and Bonnie all quilt for hire just to name a few.


  1. Mary…I’m with you…the delete button is quicker than leaving comments on blogs I don’t care for. GRRR!!! I am guessing this “anonymous” doesn’t have a relationship with a sibling, which is too bad. Too bad you can’t track “anonymous” LOL HEY!! maybe it is the same person who is leaving all the spam on my site!! double grrrr! grrrr! I wish others thought like I do…LOL well, maybe not but you know what I mean. Pam@http://www.pamgwillim.com

  2. I believe some people are always looking for the worst things in life. It would be so much easier for them to just move on, but they have something in their personality that makes them need to try and bring others down. I wonder if they are ever happy. So sad.

  3. I also got some nasty anonymous comments when I started blogging. It was about my poor attempt to write english. But I got even when I wrote about it in another post and got sooooo many lovely comments back from “real bloggerfriends” So do not mind such comments, they are just envious.

  4. It’s not hard at all. Have to say it’s hard to understand why someone would take the time to leave such a comment. Much quicker to go onto the next blog.

  5. WTF? What in the world was she talking about? It’s clear from both of your blogs that you are very close. Some people need to get their own lives!

  6. Such BS. Some people just should not leave comments.I have a sister who is my best friend and I love her with all my heart. She is so crafty but does not do anything crafty, (hope that makes sense). I wish I had sisters like you both.I love how you and Deb rival and compete with each other. You both are outstanding artist and quilters in your own rights.

  7. OMG! I just recently read a similar nasty comment on someone else’s blog too, probably from the same anonymous. Obviously their mother never told them that if they can’t say something nice, they needn’t say anything at all!

  8. It’s so strange, there seems to be so much nastiness at the moment – it’s terrible. Now it’s about 4 blogs I’ve heard about nasty comments being posted on them!! As said above, if you don’t like someone’s blog, don’t read it! There are so many blogs, there’s sure to be one you do like LOL

  9. mary,I take anonymous comments as gutless. I IGNORE them because if someone can’t claim their comment…then don’t say it. i am so sorry this happened to you and your sister.Laurie

  10. I am behind on my blog reading this week…so my comment here is a bit late, but seriously…What the heck was anonymous even talking about? I think y’alls blog comments to each other are cute, fun, and show that you have a great relationship. Anonymous needs to get a life. I had a kind of ugly comment on my blog once regarding a post where I was feeling in the dumps. This person, a complete stranger to me who probably just stumbled onto my blog, did sign his name, but chastised me for my feelings. I started to let his comment stay, but thought, nope…my blog…I don’t have to take crap from this person. Anyway, I enjoy yours and Deb’s blogs immensely.

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